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This is a story for any and all of our senior citizens who have submitted a bequest but for whatever reason did not want to make their bequest known publicly --- senior citizens all across the country, due to the volatile economy, due to rising costs of living and due to cuts in services and cutbacks in Medicare coverage suffer every day.  Medicare no longer covers prescription eye glasses, dentures or hearing aids which are all vital for a senior citizen and their well being.  One out every six seniors living in the USA today receives less than $11500 per year to live on.  As seniors age, their chances of being hired for part-time work diminishes.  Many seniors suffer from Diabetes, Strokes, Cancer, Hip replacement, high blood pressure, Anemia, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Dimentia, Senility, Infections, and need Catheters, medications, operations, nursing care, special diets, a good night's sleep among a plethora of other things that we don't know or aren't as concerned about because we do not know anyone who has a problem like it.  Sponsor Seniors accepts bequest submissions from all seniors who live on or near poverty.  It is the senior citizen's choice to make their bequest/story public.  Of course for every person that makes a bequest public, there are five others that submit a bequest and want it to be kept private.  Yet, Sponsor Seniors tries to help all.  If you know of someone who has a need or may have a need in the future, please encourage them to submit a bequest.  You may donate to the general fund which will be distributed to those senior citizens who have the greatest need.  All general fund contributions are voted on by the board members based on need and funds available.  Your contribution, small or large, one time or regularly helps to change the life of a senior citizen or many.  Thank you, on behalf of the seniors that have submitted their bequest and on behalf of those who will submit a bequest in the near future.  (75% of your contributions go directly to benefit senior citizens in need.)


Story of Mary J. (Greater Philadelphia Metro area)

Mary J is a diabetic who has had knee replacement and hand surgery in the past 6 months and is slowly recovering.  She has suffered from multiple seizures and a stroke.  She has a pace maker and a defibrillator.

She is currently receiving social security but because this is all her income she is making under $850 per month to live on.  Her diabetes is progressive and affecting her eye sight.  She wears prescription eye glasses, dentures and has regular prescription of 13 medications for all her ailments. Sponsor Seniors had to take her story over the phone and verified with her pharmacy of her medication out-of-pocket expenses are $20 per month.  She is grateful to anyone who will sponsor her.  Your contribution of $20 per month can change help Mary live a longer and healthier life.  Please put Mary J as the directive when donating.



Story of Eve A.

Eve A. lives in the greater Philadelphia area and she has Diabetes.  She loves the pharmacy near her because they provide her with free medication for Diabetes -- or that is to say, she has no co-pays accompanying her medication for her Diabetes but she does have multiple medical issues  that force her to take 9 other prescriptions.  She has to use a wheel chair as she is prevented from walking around.  She lives alone as she is the sole survivor of all her siblings, husband and even her son died a few years ago.  She is over 80 years of age and has over $225 per month in co-pays.  Her income is below $11,000 per year from her small social security check.  She needs prescription eye glasses which cost $95.  When the volunteer from Sponsor Seniors took her application for assistance, she was reminded of the widow who gave two copper coins that was written in the Gospel due to Eve's heart.  Eve actually stated, "I want to give to Sponsor Seniors, for the work you're doing is great."  She added, "If you find someone who is living on less than me, please give them whatever you would have given to me instead as I wouldn't want to take anyone else's share if it is needed by another senior citizen."   What a giving heart!  Please, let us join in providing Eve with a new pair of prescription eye glasses, which is no longer covered by Medicare and cover her out-of-pocket prescription expenses.  A dedicated $5 - $50 goes a long way for a senior citizen's health and well-being.  Unfortunately in today's economy $50 doesn't even cover lunch for the week.

Update on Eve: On February 13th, there was a general donation made which covered Eve's prescription eye glasses and some of her prescription co pays.    Thank you to the anonymous donor who gave generously.


Story of Helen D.

"Hi, my name is Helen D and I am currently being treated for cancer.  My husband has Alzheimer's and we are both over 75 years old living in Philadelphia.  Between us we have copays that amount to over $280 between the 16 prescriptions we take between us as we suffer from more than just these two major ailments as well as many pain and heart related conditions.  We live in a house that needs a new roof and lots of repairs that we cannot afford on our combined weekly income of less than $400 between social security checks and a small pension check.  We appreciate all the help Sponsor Seniors is doing for seniors and hope to gain support from a community that we would like to extend our deepest gratitude in helping us through these tough economic times and cold winters."

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